10 Hidden Secrets That Many Still Haven't Found In Doom Eternal (2023)

In this time of social distancing and watching the full roster of Netflix, video games are our last line of entertainment before we finally lose our minds to boredom. This past Friday, the hardcore shooter fanatics were finally presented with Doom Eternal, the much anticipated follow-up to 2016's Doom. Thankfully it lived up to the expectation, thrilling gamers with it's smooth gameplay, beautifully grimy graphics, and so many Easter eggs to find.

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However, much like Doom 2016, these are not easy to find, and you'll probably miss them on your first playthrough. But if you just jump around the corner, climb up that ledge and look a little deeper, you could find something a lot of others haven't come across yet. Here are some of the secrets in Doom Eternal many gamers haven't found yet.

10 Farming

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Bringing back some old-school gaming nostalgia, Doom Eternal allows you to collect extra lives in case you meet an early grave. These can be essential to your survival because Eternal really ups the difficulty fromDoom 2016. Enemies hit harder, there more platforming puzzles and less ammo reserves, and strategizing is key to winning the game. One particular strategy a lot present day gamers aren't aware of is farming.

When you collect a life, you can actually just quit the level and rinse and repeat; which is really helpful for those later fights in the game. That's not all, you can also do this with a weapon upgrade tokens to get the most powerful weapons. When you collect them, you can just reload the checkpoint and your inventory will remain the same. Neat huh?

9 Familiar Death

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Not a overly exciting Easter egg, but it's a fun nod to a classic film. We all know the ending of Terminator 2, the T-1000 is destroyed and, to prevent reverse engineering, the Terminator must destroy himself as well. As he's lowered in the molten pool, he gives the grieving John and Sarah Connor a thumbs up, showing that he did learn some humanity.

In Doom Eternal, in any level where there is lava in the environment, you can recreate this death by simply go for a swim and dying. Just before the screen goes black, Doom Slayer gives the player a thumbs up.

8 A Real Bookworm

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There's a lot to uncover in Slayer's home base, but one of the more obvious eye-catchers in his study is the fact that, apparently, the slayer of demons is a real bookworm. Upon looking closer at his personal bookshelf, you'll see some familiar parodied titles like Demon Farm, The Guts of Wrath and, of course, Fifty Shades of Slay. You'll find books parodying other games like A Vault Dweller's Guide To Survival and Why I'm So Great Pt. II, authored by the one and only Dork Norkem.

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But, one of the more touching Easter eggs on here is in reference to YouTube gaming personality, Mark Fischbach a.k.a. Markiplier. There's abook called How To Comb Your Mustache by Clifton M. Fischbach, the name of Mark's father who passed away back in 2008. Mark hasmentioned his loveof the series since childhood in many of his videos, so this is a nice wink to a dedicated fan.

7 Sound Familiar?

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Much like Doom 2016, you can enable the classic weapon view like the original Doom games, but it doesn't stop there. If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of Doom Eternal, you can also enable the classic weapon sounds. You just have to go to the audio tab in the settings menu and you can toggle it there.

It's unknown whether or not these sound effects will become available to all players in the future, but as it stands now, they're only available to those with the expansive edition.

6 Secret Cutscene

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If you're able to conquer the hordes of hell once again, you'll beable to catch a secret cutscene at the end of the credits. It's not an essential cutscene, it doesn't offer any depth to the story or characters, it's just meant for a giggle.

It opens with a demon playing with Doom Slayer's collectible toys, one of them depicting a demon and the other depicting the original appearance of Doomguy. Like a child, he's bashing them together, making sound effects with his mouth, until he hears a familiar shotgun click, and it ends. It's not a deep scene, but it does keep to the silly tone the franchise has shifted to.

5 Cheat Codes

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Much like the extra lives, Doom Eternal decided to go deeper into old school gaming tropes with the use of cheat codes. However, you can't just put in some code at the main menu and enable God Mode. Like any secret, you have to explore each of the levels, finding all the secrets in hope that you finally find one of the fabled cheat codes.

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Some of them include the usual infinite ammo, God Mode and infinite lives, but there are others that can really enhance your gaming experience for the better. There's one that enables a crowd to cheer whenever you make a kill, another one where enemies explode into confetti, and even one that ups the difficulty by taking away droppable health and ammo. Collect all the cheat codes and you'll turn into an unstoppable killing machine.

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One of the more interesting and mysterious finds in Doom Eternal comes from the map tab in the pause menu. It's currently unclear what this audio file is but some are speculating that it's some kind of hidden message left by the developers.

No one has been able to decipher if it actually a secret message or common demon garble. If you take a listen, it doesn't sound like the usual demonic sounds you hear throughout the game, maybe it needs some modifications or reversing to understand what it means.

3 An Oldie But A Goodie

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While it was a fun callback to the original games, the unlockable original Doom levels did not play all that well on the new engine. Id Software understood this, so they just put the two original games as unlockableson Doom Slayer's hub computer.

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The classic first game can be unlocked after completing the main campaign and Doom II can be unlocked by inputting the code "FLYNNTAGGART." Who's Flynn Taggart? That's Doom Slayer's real name as revealed in the books.

2 Justice For Daisy

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Two years ago, Doom's official Twitter page tweeted out an unusual tweet with a bunny holding up a sign that stated, "justice for Daisy." For those unaware, Daisy is Doom Slayer's pet rabbit who could be seen at the end of Thy Flesh Consumed decapitated on a pike... or was she?

Throughout the game, you can actually catch glimpses of Daisy roaming through the levels, just hanging out, but you'll need an eagle-eye tocatch her. Also, in Slayer's private quarters on his home base, you'll find an empty rabbit cage with food and a portrait of him with Daisy lovingly in his arms. You can even catch the rabbitearly on by simply looking at the front cover of the game.

1 Dope References

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When going on your routine Easter egg and secrets hunt throughout the game, you may have come across some disturbingly toothy grinning fish, either on a fishing pole, stuck in ice, or wherever. Well, for those born past the '90s, this is a dopefish, an animal dubbed as the second-dumbest creature in the world, first introduced in Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy. For those unaware, Commander Keen was a side-scrolling platformer that followed Billy Blaze as the titular character, defending Earth from alien threats. Over social media, it was confirmed that Keen is not only the grandson of B.J Blazkowicz, protagonist of Wolfenstein,but also the father of the Doom Slayer.

There are other Commander Keen Easter eggs hidden in the game, including a convenience store in Mission Six that has snacks like Dopenuts and Keen Candies. You can also find a rather morbid Keen Easter egg on top of Slayer's bookshelf, where you'll see the character's skull, helmet and ray gun. Yikes!

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