Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (2023)

The reverberations of Hunting Horns can strike through the hearts of monsters just as well as a blade or arrow in Monster Hunter Rise, so if there's a minstrel in you, why not let it out on the hunt? Like any weapon, you'll have to consistently upgrade them with the smithy to unlock their full potential, but the real question is: which weapons are worthy of ascension?

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After taking some time to test out each weapon class during the |Steam beta, we've landed on several hunting horns with the most melodious tones, so you may sound the perfect death toll no matter what type of monster you are hunting.

Updated March 17, 2023 by Hilton Webster: In Monster Hunter, the grind is the goal. Going out on the hunt to carve a monster and break their parts just to perfect a build to kill them is what it's all about. Luckily, with plenty of updates to Sunbreak and new console versions, there are plenty of ways to go all out with your Hunting Horn.


12 Fine Kamura Flute - No Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (1)

With all the extra rarity tiers added with Sunbreak and shifts in the meta, it can be hard to know what's the best build to go with. Sometimes, pure raw damage with the freedom to experiment and fine-tune is the best way to go.

The Fine Kamura Flute comes in with 310 base attack, a very respectable number. On top of that, it comes with plenty of decoration and rampage slots to gear towards any specific playstyle you're looking for.

11 Grimm/Joie - Dragon Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (2)

Added to Sunbreak alongside Chaotic Gore Magala, weapons made from their parts come with a unique property. By default, they have both a negative and positive affinity rate, but under the effects of Frenzy, that negative rate also becomes positive and stacks with the improved affinity from Frenzy itself.

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This makes Grimm/Joie a powerhouse in terms of high-damage hits with the already high 310 attack, and makes it a very popular Hunting Horn for Dereliction builds that self-inflict frenzy.

(Video) Hunting Horn is OP Now - New Best Endgame Build & All 5 Elements - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak!

10 Skytremor Rumble - Thunder Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (3)

Carved and created from the body of Thunder Serpent Narwa, Skytremor Rumble is an improved version of the Abyssal Storm Horn, coming in with a powerful 320 base attack, and strong thunder damage of 60.

Skytremor Rumble also works great as a support horn, offering stun negation, health regeneration and large health recovery. It can dish out strong elemental damage while also constantly keeping you on your feet.

9 Native's Horn - No Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (4)

Despite having no elemental buffs, the Native's Horn is a dependable weapon to have at your side with a 210 base attack that you can beef up with Rampage Skills.

Applying the Attack Boost Rank Four ensures you are getting the most out of each tone played. Then fine-tune the horn with Affinity Boost Rank Two to really make it shine.

(Video) New Rise Best Hunting Horn Build - Highest Damage & Comfort - Monster Hunter Rise! #rise

8 Rathalos Feroce - Fire Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (5)

The Rathalos Feroce horn brings the heat with a 35 Element status that begins to spread like wildfire when Fire Boosts and Element Exploits are on it with Rampage Skills. A Rank Three Attack Boost helps buff out the 190 base attack.

But it's really the Melodies this hunting horn puts forth that help set the tone for its tolling death march. Additional elemental boosts and stamina regen effects can be conjured up in talented hands to carry hunters through the hunt.

7 Amphibia Allargando - Water Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (6)

The Amphibia Allargando hunting horn is a foreboding weapon all around with a 210 base attack, 17 Water elemental damage, and 20 point defence. The water damage can be made even more perilous with a Rank Three Water Boost.

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And don't forget, the hunting horn has various melodies to strum up in a pinch. The Amphibia Allargando can weave tunes that create effects such as Health Recovery, Attack Up, and special protection against ground tremors usually caused by large monsters. It goes without saying this sort of support is invaluable as you start rising through the hunting ranks.

6 Abyssal Storm Horn - Thunder Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (7)

While there are stronger horns that can deliver some shocking effects, including its own improved version, the Abyssal Storm Horn harbours the most primal thunder energy for its level with 41 natural element points. So when in need of some thunder power while grinding through High Rank, this horn is second to none.

Its 190 attack can be made more impressive with an Attack Boost Rank Three Rampage Skill and its unique melodies can bolster the hunter's health while protecting them from stun effects.

(Video) Monster Hunter Rise | Hunting Horn Tutorial

5 Daora's Baphophone - Ice Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (8)

Daora's Baphophone strikes the best blend between core attack strength and elemental specialization of any hunting horn. Its base stats consist of a 180 attack, ten percent affinity, and a 35 Ice Element.

The baseline attack and critical rating can always be enhanced with Rampage Skills, while the melodies this horn produces can negate damage from the surrounding environment, help you reserve stamina, or maintain the sharpness status of the weapon. All of these supportive effects can be complete game-changers during a difficult hunt or help you make quick work of an easy one.

4 Vicello Uno Black - Dragon Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (9)

The 190 base attack and 20 Dragon elemental damage give the Vicello Uno Black a good starting point to build from. Not to mention the health regen and stamina buff provided in its charming melodies.

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Then, by adding Rampage Skills such as Attack Boost Rank Four, Dragon Boost Rank Three, and a Silkbind Boost, this horn can help hunters easily take control of a hunt.

(Video) Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn Tutorial (2023) Playstation, Xbox, PC, Switch

3 Cursed Ocarina - Poison Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (10)

The Cursed Ocarina is laced with a lethal 40 Poison elemental points on top of its 180 core attack. Weapons with poisonous elements are capable of crippling monsters with little effort from the hunters.

By boosting the attack and defence through Rampage Skills, its already deadly poisonous qualities can be intensified even more with one of its haunting melodies that triggers an elemental attack boost. With tunes this toxic, it's easy to weave them, step back, and watch the poison take effect.

2 Rampage Agitato S - Paralysis And Sleep Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (11)

The rampage weapon trees are favoured for their versatility, and in the case of hunting horns, the Rampage S tier provides the best stats when looking to inflict additional paralysis or sleep effects during a hunt.

With a robust 210 core attack, you won't have to worry if all of your bases are covered. All you have to decide is whether to build it up with paralysis or sleep boosts, then choose whether you want it honed towards attack or defence melodies.

1 Teostra's Orphée - Blast Element

Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Hunting Horns In The Game (12)

Teostra's Orphée sounds an impactful tone with a 200 base attack and 42 Blast element. An Attack Boost Rank Three and Fireblight Exploit stacked into the Rampage Skills will build upon that impact.

Hunters with a talent for hunting horns will be most interested in the melodies the Teostra's Orphée can produce. These are well-versed to aid in both defensive and offensive tactics, making Teostra's Orphée possibly the most well-balanced hunting horn around.

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