The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes — Our Departure Board (2023)

Disney VHS Tapes, which were in production for over 25 years, have become a collectible of choice for the avid Disney fan. In this ultimate collectors guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know.


  • History of Disney VHS Tapes
  • List of Disney VHS Tapes
  • Notable Disney VHS Collections
  • How To Date Disney VHS Tapes
  • Are Disney VHS Tapes Valuable?
  • Buying or Selling Disney VHS Tapes on eBay
  • Rare Disney VHS Tapes
  • How To Store Disney VHS Tapes

Historical Timeline Of Disney VHS

  • 1978-1979 - Disney license 6 titles (mostly animated shorts) to Universal for release under Discovision format. Discovision being a commercial failure, no new titles were released in this format after 1979.

  • 1980 - Disney create the subsidiary company ‘Walt Disney Home Video’

  • 1980 - Disney release 14 titles on Betamax and VHS that are licensed to Fotomat for rental only. With Disney executives fearing the strategy would harm theatrical re-releases, the 14 titles featured none of their animated classics.

  • 1981 - Disney deem 15 animated classics including Snow White, Pinocchio and Bambi as ‘the untouchables’. The untouchables were never to be released on home video, with theatrical re-releases only.

  • 1984 - Ron Miller departs as Disney’s CEO. Miller had pushed for the release of ‘the untouchables’ on VHS but other executives believed the strategy risked the future theatrical revenue of re-released Disney classics.

  • 1984 - Michael Eisner, Disney’s new CEO, continued to push for ‘The Classics’ home video line. The board eventually conceded but with stipulations. Robin Hood, being one of the less popular animated classics, was released 1st and prices were set high at $79.95 to cater to video rental stores and deter everyday buyers.

  • 1985 - Pinocchio, the 2nd home video released under ‘The Classics’ line, became one of the best-selling home videos of the year.

  • 1985 - A new strategy was adopted for Christmas 1985. Pinocchio’s price was slashed to $29.95 with buyers being made aware that no more copies would be sold after January 1986. The idea of the Disney vault was born. Disney classics were to be re-released in theatres then made available on home video for only a short space of time before the next theatrical re-release 6-7 years later.

  • 1990 - Peter Pan becomes the final Disney Classic to be released on Betamax. The VHS had clearly won the video format wars.

  • 1994 - The Fox and The Hound ends the black diamond ‘Classics’ line. Snow White, the last yet-to-be-released ‘untouchable’ becomes the 1st VHS in Disney’s new ‘Masterpiece Collection’.

  • 1999 - Robin Hood, having been the first film of the ‘Classics’ line, becomes the last film (re)released in the ‘Masterpiece Collection’.

  • 2000-2001 - A number of Disney Classics are released in DVD format with the launch of the new ‘Gold Collection’. VHS versions are released alongside each one although they lack the ability to provide bonus material.

  • 2001 - Disney plan the launch of their ‘Platinum Editions’. The original plan was to release the top 10 best selling Disney animated classics, starting with Snow White, once per year for 10 years. In actuality, 13 classics were released between 2001 and 2009. Only 8 of the 13 made it to VHS with Little Mermaid becoming the last Platinum VHS in 2007.

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Disney VHS Collection List

Looking for a list of Disney VHS tapes? Want to keep track of your own Disney Home Video collection? Get this handy, ready-made Disney VHS Collection List (Excel, Apple Numbers and PDF versions included) and tick off each one when you’ve added it to your collection.

This Disney VHS Collection list Includes 179 Disney VHS tapes. The Black Diamond Classics, Masterpiece Collection, Gold Classic Collection, Cartoon Classics, Platinum Editions, Select Special/Anniversary Editions and More. Plus, details of each VHS, like the case front cover, to help you identify them.

Get Your Own Disney VHS Collection List

Notable Disney VHS Collections

Below are summaries of most of the well-known (and some lesser-known) Disney VHS collections. For a list of films in each collection, grab a Disney VHS Collection list.

The Black Diamond Classics Collection

The Disney Black Diamond ‘Classics’ (BDs as they’re sometimes known) were released from 1984 to 1994. The collection begins with Robin Hood and ends with The Fox and The Hound.

How do you spot a Disney Black Diamond classic VHS? Look for a black diamond surrounding the words ‘The Classics’ on the spine of the VHS case. Most (not all) have a peel-away corner on the bottom right of the case front cover with the words ‘The Original Animated Classic’. The words ‘A Walt Disney Classic’ will be printed on the VHS tape itself, just above the title of the movie.

Black clam shell cases were later replaced by white cases. Black cases are therefore slightly more valuable than their white case counterparts.

Masterpiece Collection

Released from 1994 to 1999, the Disney Masterpiece Collection was somewhat similar to the preceding ‘Classics’ line. This series featured the 1st home video release of Snow White.

How do you spot a Disney Masterpiece VHS? All of the VHS tapes in this collection have the word ‘Masterpiece’ in capital letters on the VHS front cover. Most of the Masterpiece VHS case spines have the phrase ‘Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection‘ written on a purple background under a silver holographic ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ logo.


Gold Classic Collection

The Disney Gold Classic Collection featured a wave of films released in quick succession from 2000 to 2001. This series began with the release of Toy Story and ended with Oliver and Company only 17 months later.

How do you spot a Disney Gold Classic VHS? All of them have ‘Gold Collection’ written on the spine and front cover. In addition, there will be a gold ‘Sleeping Beauty Castle’ logo on a red background with the word ‘Classic’ written underneath.

Cartoon Classics Collection

Featuring 2 series from 1983-1986 and 1987-1992 respectively, this was one of the longest running Disney home video lines.

How do you spot a Disney Cartoon Classic VHS? Look for the phrase ‘Cartoon Classics’ written on the front cover. The first series had ‘Cartoon Classics’ written in a white box with ‘Walt Disney Home Video’ and sorcerer Mickey. The second series featured iconic Disney characters on bold colour backgrounds but the phrase ‘Cartoon Classics’ remained.

Cartoon Classics: Limited Gold Editions

A spin-off from the successful Cartoon Classics collection, this series featured critically acclaimed and exclusive classic Disney shorts. The first series in 1984 was followed by a second in 1985.

How do you spot a Limited Gold Edition Disney Cartoon Classic VHS? Look for a finely dressed Disney character with a gold background on the front cover. The phrase ‘Cartoon Classics - Limited Gold Edition’ is written in a black box on the cover.

Platinum Editions

The Disney Platinum Editions saw 13 of Disney’s best selling animated classics digitally remastered and released between 2001 and 2009. Whilst both VHS and DVD versions were released within a few months of each other, only 8 platinum editions made it to VHS. The Little Mermaid ended the run of Platinum VHS tapes in 2007.

How do you spot a Platinum Edition Disney VHS? Look for the phrase ‘Platinum Edition’ written on a silver holographic background on the case cover.

Search Platinum Edition VHS Tapes on eBay

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How To Date Disney VHS Tapes

You might be looking for the print date/time, VHS copyright year or content copyright year of a Disney VHS. Here’s how to find each one:

  • Print Date/Time - The date/time that this specific tape was manufactured. Look for the ‘6 digit code-4 digit code’ on the side of the VHS (image below). The 1st 6 digits refer to the date of manufacture in MMDDYY format (eg. 112797 = 27th Nov 1997) and the next 4 digits refer to the time of manufacture (eg. 2036 = 8:36pm)

  • VHS Copyright Year - The year this VHS was released but not necessarily manufactured. Look on the cassette label or the back/spine of the VHS case. For dates in Roman numerals use this handy converter.

  • Content Copyright Year - The year the content was first released, possibly decades before the VHS release. Google the name of the content or watch the VHS end credits. The content copyright year should be visible next to the Disney logo.

The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes — Our Departure Board (8)

Are Disney VHS Tapes Valuable?

So, are Disney VHS tapes worth anything? Disney VHS tapes are nowhere near as valuable as a lot of eBay listings or blog posts would have you believe. Whilst there are some rarities (check them out further down this page), most Disney VHS tapes, which were mass produced in the millions, are worth less than $10. If you’re lucky, your Disney VHS may be valued closer to the $100 mark. But only a very select few Disney VHS tapes are worth $500 or more.

Some factors will increase the collectibility and therefore value of the VHS. Sealed tapes are worth the most but they can be difficult to find. Case damage can significantly impact value, whether the VHS is used or sealed. Black clam shell cases are typically worth more than the newer white cases too.

Buying Or Selling Disney VHS Tapes on eBay

If most Disney VHS tapes are worth less than $10, with only a select few valued at $500 or more, you might be wondering what’s going on with eBay. Simply put, there are a lot of eBay sellers trying to scam or rip-off Disney VHS collectors.

Blogs don’t help the situation when they quote Disney VHS asking prices rather than actual sold prices. Take the Masterpiece Collection Snow White VHS Below. There’s a massive difference between what some sellers are asking for and confirmed sold prices.

The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes — Our Departure Board (9)

The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes — Our Departure Board (10)

How To Avoid eBay Disney VHS Tape Rip-Offs:

  • Check Actual Sold Pricing - Tick the ‘Sold’ filter on eBay to see what others actually paid for the same VHS. Even then, take eBay ‘Sold’ prices with a pinch of salt. ‘Sold’ can include cancelled orders and some scam sellers buy their own listings or get others to buy them to artificially inflate prices.

  • Sealed Doesn’t Mean Undamaged - Sealed Disney VHS tapes are more valuable but sealed tapes can still experience damage. Check before you buy.

  • Pay Attention To Seller Feedback and Reputation - Don’t buy from someone with poor feedback. Even if you’re buying from someone with a high feedback ratings, some sellers game the system. Read seller reviews and try to gauge legitimacy.

  • Ask For More Pictures Before Buying - Don’t be afraid to ask a seller for more pictures before you buy and be wary of sellers that only show a small number of images. The more detail they give you, the more confident you can be.

  • Watch Out For Import Duty - If you’re buying Disney VHS tapes from abroad, look out for import duty and additional charges. Items sent through eBays Global Shipping Programme can increase certainty.

Rare And Sought After Disney VHS Tapes

Here are some of the more valuable Disney VHS tapes to keep an eye out for.

2007 Cars Movie Club Exclusive VHS - $500

Exclusive to Disney Movie Club members, Cars was the last Disney animation ever released on VHS.

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1986 Song of The South VHS - $50-$150

The controversy surrounding Song of The South meant it was never released on home video in the US. The film was only released on VHS internationally, making it a more valuable find.

1985 Pinocchio Black Diamond Classic VHS - $50-$100

Two versions of Pinocchio were released under the black diamond ‘Classics’ line. The 1st (1985) displays a walking Pinocchio on the cover. The 2nd (1993) displays a sitting Pinocchio. The earlier 1985 version, with the black clam shell case, is the more valuable of the two.

1984 Robin Hood Black Diamond Classic VHS - $50

Robin Hood was the 1st black diamond Classic. But, like Pinocchio, two versions were released. The original (and more valuable) 1984 version has a black arrow piercing through the red Robin Hood font. The less valuable 1991 version also has red Robin Hood font but there’s no black arrow and the letters are surrounded by a white border.

How To Store Your Disney VHS Collection

If you’re collecting Disney VHS tapes, you’ll want to ensure you keep your collection in as mint condition as possible. Here are my top tips on preserving your Disney VHS collection:

1. Rewind Your VHS Tapes

If you have access to a working VCR, rewind your tapes to the beginning. By rewinding the tape, you’re keeping it tight, avoiding sagging and reducing your chance of tape degradation.

2. Clean Before Long Term Storage

Without touching the tape, use a microfibre lint-free cloth to clean the outside of your VHS and the inside of your tape case. The cleaner it goes on the way into storage, the longer it will last.

3. Store Upright

As with rewinding your tape to the beginning, storing your VHS upright will prevent tape sagging and help retain quality over time.

4. Store In A Cool, Dry Place Out Of Sunlight

UV light can bleach your Disney VHS cases. Light, heat and moisture can all degrade VHS tapes and affect the image and colour quality. To prevent this, store your tapes in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

5. Store Away From Speakers, TVs And Magnets

Try to store your VHS tapes away from anything that produces a magnetic field. Speakers, TVs, computers and audio equipment can all produce magnetic fields.

If you obtained value from this guide, you can support our work by purchasing your Disney VHS Tapes through our eBay affiliate link (at no extra cost to you). You can also purchase a Disney VHS Collection list. This will help you identity specific tapes and allow you to keep track of your collection.


The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes

The ultimate guide to Disney VHS Tapes. A history, notable series, value, eBay purchasing, a collectors list, storage and the rarer collectibles.

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Does anyone want old VHS movies? ›

Sell Your Old VHS Tapes

But there absolutely is – to the right buyer… Just like vinyl records haven't gone away since the dawn of CDs / Digital music, there will always be a second hand market for them. In fact – some of the more unusual tapes have sold for thousands!

What is Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS? ›

The Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (Walt Disney Coleccion Maestra in Spanish and Collection Chefs-d'œuvre de Walt Disney in Canadian French) was a line of VHS tapes and Laserdiscs released by Walt Disney Home Video from 1994 to 1999.

Should I throw away my VHS tapes? ›

Answer: VHS tapes and audio tapes are not considered household hazardous waste and can be disposed of, if they can not be reused or recycled.

What can I do with old Disney VHS movies? ›

Recycle, Thrift Them, or Garage Sale Them!

If you don't want to keep your old Disney VHS tapes and don't know anyone who does, recycle them! Most recycling centers will accept videotapes.

What is the rarest VHS tape? ›

The Fantasia Black Diamond Edition on VHS is easily the most valuable version of the VHS release, being listed for as much as $1,750 on eBay.

What are the most valuable VHS tapes? ›

These are the VHS tapes that are actually worth something.
  • 65 Most Valuable VHS Tapes of All Time. ...
  • Pinocchio (Tie) ...
  • The Great Mouse Detective (Tie) ...
  • The Sound of Music. ...
  • The Rescuers (Tie) ...
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Tie) ...
  • The Wild Life. ...
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space.
Jan 11, 2023

How much can I get for my VHS tapes? ›

Many VHS tapes are worth 50 cents to a few dollars, though collectible tapes can sell for up to $50 or more. Betamax tapes can sell for up to $20 or more. Here are some real-world videotape values.

What Disney items are worth money? ›

These Vintage Disney Items Are Worth Up to $15,000
  • Splash Mountain Walt Disney World Prop ($15,000)
  • 12 Authentic Walt Disney World Signs ($15,000)
  • Disney Movie Club Copy of Chicken Little ($11,650)
  • 19 Disney Black Diamond VHSs ($10,000)
  • Walt Disney's Masterpiece Collection: Snow White ($10,000)
5 days ago

How much is the Lion King VHS worth? ›

12 The Lion King (First Edition)

Feeling as if his father's demise is his own fault, Simba mysteriously disappears. The first edition of this VHS tape is approximately $1,500, which is a lot of money for one film.

Do VHS tapes sell at garage sales? ›

Videotapes - VHS tapes tend to be popular at a garage sale and some shoppers like adding to their historic collection. 25-50 cents a piece is the going rate, and bulk deals such as 5 for a dollar will help sales.

What was the last Disney VHS made? ›

Walt Disney Classics (also known as The Classics from Walt Disney Home Video) is a discontinued video line launched by Walt Disney Telecommunications and Non-Theatrical Company to release Disney animated features on home video. The last title in the Classics line was The Fox and the Hound.

Are any Disney DVDs worth anything? ›

However, DVD box sets and promotional packaging can command even more. That said, most used DVDs are worth between $2 and $20, and many sell for around $5.
The most valuable DVDs.
Walt Disney's Cinderella: Special Edition$40
Walt Disney's Aladdin: Platinum Edition$38
Drop Dead Fred$35
17 more rows

What is Diamond Edition Disney DVD? ›

The Walt Disney Diamond Editions were a line of DVDs and Blu-rays that began with the Blu-ray release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on October 6, 2009 and ended with Aladdin (1992) on October 13, 2015.

What can I do with old family VHS tapes? ›

  1. Thrift Stores. Most thrift stores will accept donations of VHS tapes.
  2. Green Disk. Green Disk will recycle your old VHS tapes for you.
  3. Freecycle. Offer your VHS tapes on Freecycle and hope somebody else wants them.
  4. Make Scarecrows. ...
  5. Knit With the Tape.
Apr 6, 2021

Where should I store my VHS tapes? ›

Video tapes should be stored vertically and in their boxes. Don't stack tapes on top of one another. Store magnetic tapes away from anything that can create an electro-magnetic field. This includes loudspeakers and other articles containing magnets, and also high voltage lines and surge protectors.

Does anyone buy VHS movies? ›

If you have a large number of movies to sell, consider listing them as a lot on Facebook or Craigslist. Local vendors who set up at the flea market are always looking for new inventory for their booths. You won't get top-dollar for your movies if you sell them this way, but you will get them out of your house quickly.

Can I convert my old Disney VHS movies to DVD? ›

Individual tape owners can typically only convert a Disney tape to DVD or MP4 format if they legally own that tape, the movie is out of production and not available for purchase in any alternative form, and they will not be distributed in any method.

What to do with old VHS tapes near me? ›

Drop off old VHS tapes to a Goodwill, Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop. Donating unwanted items like these tapes extends their lifespans.

What is the best selling VHS tape of all time? ›

So, you buy it. Along with the 32 million other people across the globe who made this film the top-selling VHS tape ever. 26 years after the release of The Lion King, the success of its VHS sales and box office numbers have not been forgotten.

What was the best selling VHS tape in the 90s? ›

The Lion King (1994) Here it is — the best-selling VHS of all time. Over 32 million copies of The Lion King were sold after its home media release in 1995 under Disney's “Masterpiece Collection” series. Pretty much everyone had a copy of The Lion King in their video tape arsenal.

Are old VCRs worth anything? ›

If you have an original copy, it can sell for anywhere between $40 – $100 – that's one valuable video tape right there! Where can I sell my VCR?

Are any cassette tapes worth money? ›

Yes, some of the cassette tapes do. Blank, unused cassette tapes might be worth just $2-$4 for the piece, but rare and branded ones might be worth much more. As it appears – die-hard collectors are now willing to pay top dollar to complete their collections of unusual cassette tapes.

How much is Indiana Jones VHS worth? ›

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984

A sealed copy of the Temple of Doom sold for $7,600 in September 2021.

When was the last VHS tape sold? ›

The date was March 14, and the year 2006 was when the last film was released on a VHS tape. Viewers had been watching movies on DVD and Blu-Ray for so long that they were now going to be able to go without new VHS movies and still had plenty of a selection to choose from.

Who buys old Disney movies? ›

I prefer eBay for selling things like vintage Disney tapes as eBay has better filters and search functions but you should e able to move them on either platform. If neither eBay nor Mercari is a good fit for you, there are a ton of alternatives to eBay where you can sell your items.

How many VHS horror movies are there? ›

V/H/S is an American horror anthology franchise that includes six found footage films, two spin-off films, and one miniseries.

What is the most expensive Disney item? ›

The most expensive item for sale at Disney is an even grander and elaborate gemstone recreation of Cinderella's Castle. Only 50 of these extravagant pieces of art exist with a price tag of $250,000!

Where can I sell rare Disney items? ›

5 Places That Will Buy Your Disney Collectibles
  • Neatstuff Collectibles. Yes, Neatstuff Collectibles is one of the largest buyers and sellers of collectibles nationwide mainly because we pride ourselves on a great customer experience. ...
  • Local Collectibles Store. ...
  • Local Pawn Shop. ...
  • Local Collectors Group. ...
  • Buyers Online.
Jul 14, 2021

What is 101 Dalmatians VHS worth? ›

We know what you might be thinking: What VHS tape is worth the most? Well, according to, it's the black diamond version of "101 Dalmatians." This classic can be valued up to $6,000 -- again, you just have to find someone willing to pay the price.

Which Beauty and the Beast VHS is rare? ›

Like with all other Disney VHS tapes, the most rare and valuable ones are from the Black Diamond Edition. This edition of Beauty and the Beast VHS tape was released in 1992 in limited quantities and it is very hard to find.

When was the last Disney VHS? ›

Bambi II, which chronicled Bambi's relationship with his father, the Great Prince of the Forest, was the last Disney film to ever be released on VHS. It hit shelves on February 7, 2006.

How much are VHS tapes worth in a garage sale? ›

Most VHS tapes are only worth a dollar at a garage sale. But some sealed tapes sell for hundreds of dollars, while a few rare, unopened, vintage VHS tapes with studio watermarks can sell for more than $10,000.

How much should I sell board games for at a yard sale? ›

Board games: $2 to $5. Jigsaw puzzles: $1 to $2. Toys: $1 to $3.

How much should you sell dvds for at a garage sale? ›

7. Determine Garage Sale Pricing by Category
Garage Sale CategoryPrice
Books$0.50 – $2
CDs and vinyls$0.25 – $2
Video games$5 – $10
Movies$5 – $10
9 more rows
Jun 23, 2022

Will VHS make a comeback? ›

Dust off your VHS player, because tapes seem to be making a collector comeback. Just like vinyl records, VHS tapes have been a hot commodity in the realm of collectors of physical media. According to Screen Rant, in June 2022 a collector paid $75,000 for a VHS copy of Back to the Future.

How many years do VHS tapes last? ›

VHS tape life expectancy varies from one VHS tape to the next. In general, VHS deterioration of 10–20% occurs over a period of 10 to 25 years. Better quality tapes have a slightly longer lifespan, as do VHS tapes that have been kept in a climate-controlled setting.

What is the oldest Disney classic? ›

What is this? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the first and oldest feature length animated film released by Disney. The movie made its debut at the Carthay Circle Theatre on December 21, 1937 and was released nationwide (U.S.) on February 8, 1938.

How do I find out how much my DVDs are worth? ›

You can use online tools to gauge the value of your DVDs such as, Decluttr's barcode scanner, or check eBay's recently sold items as a baseline.

Should I keep my DVD collection? ›

Reasons to Keep Your Old DVDs

When you purchase a digital version of a movie, you are only licensing the content. You do not own it. Film collectors often like to have hard copies of their purchases. Also, some older movies or rare films are difficult to find in digital.

How many classic Disney DVDs are there? ›

The studio's films are also often called "Disney Classics", or "Disney Animated Canon". The studio has produced 61 films, beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, one of the first full-length animated feature films, and the first produced in the United States.

What are vaulted Disney movies? ›

Each Walt Disney Animation Studios film was available for purchase for a limited time, and then placed "in the vault", unavailable for retail sales, pending some future re-release.

What is olive signature DVD? ›

Olive Signature is a series of DVD/Blu-ray titles for the loyal Olive Films fan. Highlighting cult favorites, time-honored classics, and under-appreciated gems, each Olive Signature edition boasts a pristine audio and video transfer, newly designed cover art, and an abundance of exciting bonus material.

Are VHS films worth anything? ›

Many VHS tapes are worth 50 cents to a few dollars, though collectible tapes can sell for up to $50 or more. Betamax tapes can sell for up to $20 or more. Here are some real-world videotape values.

What can I do with old VHS tapes near me? ›

Drop off old VHS tapes to a Goodwill, Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop. Donating unwanted items like these tapes extends their lifespans.

What is the most sought after VHS movie? ›

These are the VHS tapes that are actually worth something.
  • 65 Most Valuable VHS Tapes of All Time. ...
  • Pinocchio (Tie) ...
  • The Great Mouse Detective (Tie) ...
  • The Sound of Music. ...
  • The Rescuers (Tie) ...
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Tie) ...
  • The Wild Life. ...
  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space.
Jan 11, 2023

Is VHS high quality? ›

For the short answer, most tapes are digitized at 480p and about 24-29 FPS. What does that mean? That means each VHS is digitized at about half of the resolution of high definition, and the frame rate is much lower than most TVs' max refresh rate is.

What can I do with old cassette tapes and cds? ›

CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes and cassette tapes are not accepted in any local recycling program. Some municipalities accept disks and tapes as part of their electronics drop-off program. If you're not sure, dispose of them in the garbage. Make sure disks do not contain personal information.

Is there a market for old VHS videos? ›

There absolutely is a used VHS market,” says Tim Allen, a VHS enthusiast and collector who runs a pop culture blog called Video-Tron 2000. “There are enough people out there that enjoy buying video tapes that if you came across a box of old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, you could probably sell them.”

What was the best-selling VHS in the 90s? ›

1. The Lion King. Released on VHS in 1995, this film not only tops the list of best-selling VHS tapes, but also sits in the list of one of the best-selling DVDs of all time, too. With sales reaching 32 million copies with a revenue of $520 million, The Lion King is the most successful VHS release of all time.

Is there gold in old VCRs? ›

Just about every household has a batch of old remote control devices for old TVs, VCRs, and more lying around, sometimes quite a few. And each of them contains a small printed circuit board that contains a small quantity of gold.

Do old VCRs work with new TVs? ›

First, a little background on why this isn't as simple as hooking up a Blu-ray player: VCRs aren't particularly compatible with modern TVs because of the type of signals they use. Pre-oughts video hardware generally outputs an analog signal, while TVs today are built around accepting digital signals.

How much did a VCR cost in 1976? ›

In 1976, the average price of a VCR was A$4,684 (A$8,838 in today's dollars). By 1993, the average price was less than 10% of the 1976 price, at A$446 (A$842 in today's money). The number of movies available also skyrocketed, from a measly two films in 1978 to 33,000 titles in 1993.


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