Upland Game Bird Hunting (2023)

What are your upland bird hunting requirements?

Proof of hunter safety is required. Hunters must bring proof if we do not have it recorded ahead of time. Please see the hunter safety section below.

A hunting license is NOT required to hunt at Kiowa Creek. You are covered by our commercial game park license.

You must wear either a blaze orange cap or vest.

Shot size can be no larger than 6 (6 and 7.5 are okay; 5 is too big). No magnum or high brass loads are allowed. Maximums are 1-1/8 oz. load, 2-3/4” shell, 3-1/4 dram.

All gratuities for the guide must be in cash. We cannot put a guide’s tip on a credit card, and we have no ATM.

We have a 48-hour policy for canceling or rescheduling a hunt. If you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of the hunt, fees will be charged. Fees range from 25% to 100% of the hunt, depending on how close to the hunt start time the cancellation is made.

What time do hunts start and how long do they last?

Hunts start at 8:00am and 1:00pm and run approximately three hours. Check-in is 15 minutes prior to your hunt start time.

Can I arrive late?

In most cases, we will not start a bird hunt until all members of the hunt party have arrived. Late arrival may shorten your hunt.

Do I need to have a small game license?

You do not need any type of hunting license to hunt on our property as we have a commercial game park license. Hunter safety, however, is required.

How many hunters can we have in our group?

You may have up to five hunters per field. If you have more than five hunters, you may reserve additional fields to accommodate them.

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Can two people share a gun?

Shared shotguns are not allowed. Determine who your hunters will be prior to your hunt; guns cannot be switched between hunters.

Can my children hunt or walk with me?

There is no age requirement for children hunting, but they must also have proof of hunter safety and be listed on a guardian’s release. Any children (and adults) who do not have a hunter safety card may still walk along on a hunt with the understanding that they must be able to walk with the group through the end of the hunt and follow the guide’s instructions. They must also wear blaze orange. Please consider carefully whether it is appropriate to bring any children.

Do I have to have a guide for my hunt?

Yes, all hunts are guided to ensure everyone’s safety. You may, however, bring your own dog if you like.

Can I request a particular guide for my hunt?

Yes, you may request a guide. We will do our best to get that guide for you, but we cannot guarantee availability. Please let us know if you will accept another guide or would prefer to reschedule.

Should I tip my guide?

It is customary to tip guides for service you appreciate. You may consider tipping on a percentage basis (typically starting at 15-20%) or per hunter (we suggest $25 per gun as a starting point). Please tip as you feel comfortable, according to your level of satisfaction. All tips must be in cash as we cannot put gratuity on a credit card and do not have an ATM.

Can I bring my own dog?

Yes, you may bring your own dog. Please note that guide and dog are included in non-member hunt packages and member specials, and the prices of these hunt packages do not change if you choose to not use the guide’s dog. Your dog must stay under control and within your field.

What game birds do you have?

We generally have pheasant, chukar, and quail available throughout the hunting season. For non-members, quail are only available as add-on birds. We require that all hunters have prior experience hunting quail in order to include them in a hunt. Please see our Rates section for information on available hunt packages.

Do I have to pay for birds I don’t shoot? Am I charged for extras?

We charge for the birds that are planted in the field, regardless of how many birds are shot. Any additional birds in the field that you shoot are considered bonus birds, and there is no charge for them.

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Do you have a bird cleaning station? Is cleaning included?

We have a fully stocked cleaning station. You are welcome to clean your own birds or have the guide clean them for you at an extra per-bird charge. We do not pluck birds.

How many hunt fields do you have, and what is their terrain?

We have four hunt fields that are each roughly 100 acres – two along the creek bed, one with a draw, and one that has flatter, more accessible terrain. All fields have native cover and planted cover.

Can I request a particular hunt field?

You may request a field, but we cannot guarantee your request as field designations are determined just before the hunts begin based on a number of factors.

What should I wear for my hunt?

A blaze orange hat or vest is required. Beyond that, we encourage you to check the weather forecast and bring appropriate clothing, footwear, and gloves, including extra layers that may be changed as conditions fluctuate.

What if the weather forecast looks bad?

We hunt regardless of weather. In fact, cold weather may improve your hunt! In the case of extreme weather causing cancellation, we will call you early the morning of the hunt to notify you. Please note this is rare—we hunt in snow and normally only cancel if conditions are so severe that roads are closed and you would not be able to get to our facility. If you are concerned about conditions, please keep an eye on the forecast and keep our 48-hour cancellation policy in mind.

Can I make changes to my hunt?

You may cancel or reschedule your hunt without penalty by calling us at 303.644.4627 at least 48 hours before your hunt start time. You may make changes to your bird selection/count and number of hunters up to and including the day before your hunt. You may substitute hunters on the day of your hunt as long as all hunters provide us with the required proof of hunter safety.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my hunt?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call 303.644.4627 at least 48 hours before your hunt start time. If you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your hunt, fees will be charged. Fees range from 25% to 100% of the hunt, depending on how close to the hunt start time the cancellation is made. If we do not answer, please leave a voicemail as this will date and time stamp your call. Please do not cancel via email.

Do you have lunch available?

We are currently not serving lunch but do have coffee, soft drinks, and snacks available. You are welcome to bring your own food to enjoy outside or in our great room as long as all food is already prepared and packaged in individual servings.

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Hunter Safety (Hunter Education Course) FAQs

Do I have to have hunter safety to hunt at Kiowa Creek?

Proof of hunter safety is required for both children and adults hunting on our property. If you are filling out our digital release form for the first time, please attach a photo or scan of your proof in the designated place on the first page of the release form. If you have already completed a release, please email your proof to theteam@kiowacreek.com. If you do not provide us with your proof of hunter safety ahead of time, be sure to have it with you when you check in for your hunt. You will not be allowed to hunt if proof of hunter safety is not provided.

What will you accept as proof of hunter safety?

A hunter safety card from any state.

A current or expired hunting license from any state with the hunter safety number clearly identified on it. For Colorado, the number is located in the upper section of a game license after the word “FIREARM.” It is not the CID number. A hunter safety number is usually not on a fishing license.

Please note we must see one of these official documents and cannot accept a hunter safety number on its own.

Isn’t my C.I.D. number proof of hunter safety?

A C.I.D. number is simply a unique identification number provided to you by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Hunter safety is not required to obtain a C.I.D. number and is therefore not proof of hunter safety.

I was born before January 1, 1949. Do I still have to have hunter safety?

We allow the same exemption as the State of Colorado, so hunter safety is not required if you are born prior to January 1, 1949. Instead, please provide identification showing your date of birth.

Are there any other exceptions from the hunter safety requirement?

Hunter safety is virtually always required. If you have any questions, please call 303.644.4627 to discuss your circumstances.

I live in another state that does not require hunter safety. Can I hunt at Kiowa Creek?

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Hunter safety is virtually always required, but please call 303.644.4627 if you wish to discuss your circumstances.

What if I don’t have physical proof of hunter safety?

Talk to your state’s governing authority to obtain a re-issued card. If time is short, you may choose to purchase a Colorado small game license as this will only be issued if your hunter safety has been verified by the state.

How can I get a duplicate of my hunter safety card?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife may re-issue your card if your hunter education course was taken in Colorado; visit https://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/HE-CardReplacement.aspx. Otherwise, contact the wildlife division of the state that issued your original card.

Can’t you confirm my hunter safety with the State of Colorado?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will not confirm an individual’s hunter safety for us over the phone, and there is no way for us to confirm it online.

How can I find a hunter safety course?

Contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife for information: https://cpw.state.co.us/learn/Pages/HunterEducation.aspx

Ammo FAQs

What ammo can I use for hunting at Kiowa Creek?

Ammo must be no larger than size 6 shot (6 and 7-1/2 are okay; 5 is too big). No magnum or high brass loads are allowed. Maximums are 1-1/8 oz. load, 2-3/4” shell, 3-1/4 dram.

Is steel shot required?

You may use either steel or lead shot.

Do you sell hunting loads?

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We only sell ammo size 7-1/2 shot and larger, which will work fine for your hunt. If you wish to use size 6 shot, you will need to purchase it elsewhere and bring it with you.


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